Mariano Moscato




I've earned my Ph.D. in Computer Science at the University of Buenos Aires in 2014, under the supervision of Marcelo FrĂ­as. I joined the National Institute of Aerospace as a Postdoc shortly after that, and I am still working there as a Senior Research Scientist. I have always tried to facilitate and ease the construction and verification of safer systems by applying Formal Methods in the different stages of their life cycle. I am currently conducting research on formal verification of safety-critical systems with the NASA Formal Methods Group at NASA Langley.

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Active Interests

Front End Developer

Interactive Theorem Proving

Handcrafting syntactic truth since c. 2006. My poison of choice is the Prototype Verification System. I contribute to the prover and, more regularly, to its de-facto library: NASALib.

Back End Developer

Formal Analysis of Programs

Lately, focused on the verification of floating-point programs, with particular emphasis on providing externally verifiable certificates about the correctness of the analysis.


Automating Interactive Provers

I've been participating in a collaborative effort to implement several termination criteria in PVS, which also involved their actual formalization. I'm also trying to provide PVS with an automatic counterexample generator based on SAT-solving.